I believe that the 2020 Local Government elections in late March will be about truth and confidence. As Mayor for the past 8 years I have always been prepared to state my campaign commitments because I think that ‘commitment and delivery’ is what Sunshine Coast residents want from their elected Councillors.

My personal motto has always been:
“Do what you say you are going to do!”

I hope the information on this website will help you make your decision on who to support.

It should also help you identify:

  • My 2020 Campaign Commitments and how they will benefit you and the broader community over the next 4 years (and beyond).
  • What I promised in my 2016 Campaign Commitments and how these have been implemented as proof of my commitment to delivery
  • The truth about certain examples of media bias, unfounded claims and the suppression of information by certain journalists (because it does not suit the arguments of the candidates they support).
  • The need to carefully determine the promises that the other candidates running for Mayor are proposing because our strong economic record and vital new infrastructure projects are at risk (and that will impact the lifestyle of us all).

True Direction, will also reflect what you get with me as your Mayor. Things like:

  • A clear plan for all my constituents, including regular feedback on progress.
  • Someone who stays true to their word.
  • A regional leader who puts the Sunshine Coast first and is prepared to stand up to Premiers and Prime Ministers for what is important for our Sunshine Coast.
  • A long-term vision and a record of delivery on our impressive economic, environmental and community agenda.
  • A strong focus on Council’s core responsibilities and financial imperatives.